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Why use Sinoprocur?

With over 20 years experience in the Asia Pacific region Sinoprocur has developed a strong network of clients,investors and strategic partners alongside it's expanding channels of manufacturers and suppliers. According to a recent Barclays Corporate Global Banking Survey not only are the banks around the world focussing on Asia as the number one region for growth but 21% of bank executives now predict the Renminbi will be the reserve currency in 10 years, compared with 61 % who predict the US dollar will be. Domestic demand is growing rapidly in many Asian economies with China and India remaining the growth engines.

1) According to the Reserve Bank of Australia 2011 March Quarter Bulletin Report (Source:"Domestic Demand Growth in Emerging Asia") "comparison of investment and consumption indicators in emerging Asia with other countries suggest that there is considerable scope for further increases in the region's domestic demands".

2) In one of the largest and most comprehensive global procurement studies conducted to date by management consultants A.T.Kearney showed that the number of companies globally sourcing from China alone had increased to 72% in 2009, a rise from less than 30% in 1999, and is set to increase exponentially. However, the same study showed that only 53% of companies have strategies that indicate a clear understanding of the supply chain and logistical costs associated with emerging market alternatives and only 39% have formal plans in place to increase their supplier base from global sources.

It is clear that although the requirement to source from overseas makes strong economical sense not all companies are aware of how to take advantage of this and, as a result, can often implement poor or unprepared procurement strategies. Sinoprocur helps provide a straightforward approach to commodity and product procurement. All transactions are carried out step by step with clients' requirements, providing a bespoke procurement solution, including the introduction of investor and strategic partnerships if required. Sinoprocur arranges third party inspections of all commodity/product transactions,through SGS, Lloyds, Bureau Veritas or ABS (American Bureau of Shipping).

For small to medium sized companies Sinoprocur can act as an 'in-house' procurement arm on a third party basis. For larger businesses Sinoprocur can work alongside existing management, helping to develop and implement procurement strategies.