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Established in 2006 Sinoprocur was originally based in Xian, Northern China, and Queensland, Australia. Now managed out of Australia, the company operates on an ever increasing global template.

The company was initially set up for the main purpose of helping and guiding businesses in the mining and construction industries benefit from the cost savings available in sourcing products, goods and materials directly from overseas, particularly Asia. Across all sectors worldwide procurement of goods from Asia is growing exponentially, from China alone it has now reached in  excess of US$100 billion per annum.In line with this, Sinoprocur assists in the implementation of consistent procurement strategies and can manage the often complicated processes on a turn key basis. This ranges from sourcing product, arranging for payment of goods, management of the necessary export licenses and goods verification certificates through, ultimately, to the movement, shipping and general transportation of goods and commodities.

In 2008 Sinoprocur expanded further in to the resources sector in areas such as capital raising, investor partner joint ventures as well as commodity marketing and trading. We have global partnerships and alliances in place on both sides of the commodity supply curve, and similar within the procurement sector.

We generally supply equipment/goods on a C&F basis and bulk commodities on an FOB basis.