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Modular housing

Sinoprocur Ltd is a Hong Kong registered buisness, operated and managed from Queensland, Australia. The company participates in bulk commodity trading as well investment capital and equipment provision to the resources sector.

Additionally, Sinoprocur Ltd is mandated to AEI Ltd, a company operating out of Hong Kong and incorporated since 2002. AEI (Alternative Energy Investments) develops businesses it believes can have a meaningful role in sustaining security across our food, water and energy needs. AEI has developed and funded companies in energy efficiency, atmospheric water management and agriculture.  Enquiries can be made via Sinoprocur's contact page.

The two main trading arms of Sinoprocur are:

1) provision of services to the resources sector, including a procurement specialist division (sourcing and supplying products to the oil,gas and mining sectors) and the provision of investment capital to resources sector for green and brownfield resource projects.

2) commodity marketing and trading: thermal/coking coal,iron ore,copper.

The company's commercial network spans the African, US, South American and Australasian markets and sources on a global basis. Sinoprocur is able to assist in the procurement of goods and equipment secured direct from factories and manufacturers.

On the commodity side, we can assist with the sourcing, supply and marketing of commodities such as coal, iron ore and copper, with particular focus on supply from the Indonesian and South American markets. Up to 36 months contracts available with roll overs and extensions. Between 500,000 and 1M MT available per month.

Some of the procurement areas Sinoprocur is involved with : modular housing  tyre chains  OTR mining tyres ( all tyre sizes )

Further areas of service within Sinoprocur are - Advisory and Technologies.